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welcome to Whole Mama Living - a repository of resources for families committed to healthy living while loving life in the real world.

be healthy.  be real.

Hi, I'm Tracie and I am the founding mama behind Whole Mama Living. 


I am a working mom with a wonderful hubby and two amazing young daughters, and I am crazy passionate about finding the best and healthiest options for my family and me.


After loving the Wildtree and doTERRA products for my own family, I finally took the plunge and decided to sell them myself, so as many people as possible could discover the amazing products they offer!


I LOVE food, but as my husband can attest, I am not the best cook.  Ok, full  disclosure, I barely used to know what the kitchen was used for other than to store leftovers and boxed meals. 


Then I discovered Wildtree and learned that I could make amazing, organic, super easy meals and never have to feed my family junk again!  And the amazing part is, they LOVE it! 


Please check out the products, email me with any questions or comments, and congratulations for  joining the whole mama (and papa of course) revolution!

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